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Wadhurst Burundi Link

A big "THANK YOU" to
all friends and family
who kindly sponsored
Philip and Steven
Stordy on the Food
for the Hungry UK
Ridgeway Challenge 50


Steve says, "Above is our photo of our sponsored child, Ferdianne. This kept us focused on the purpose of the walk: to support the work in Burundi aiming to lift 15,000 people out of extreme poverty.”

Food for the Hungry believes that change must not be imposed from outside. The local leaders identify the needs that are most important to their community. Any change is brought about by working with the local people – Food for the Hungry call this “walking with the poor”. 
Food for the Hungry also believes any change must be sustainable over the long term –  there is no quick fix.  

The Wadhurst-Burundi Link aims to continue its support for the community of Mwumba over the next three years until 2025.

For more information about this project email (link to someone's email)

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