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Our Pastoral Team

Our Pastoral Team are all trained and commissioned to provide pastoral care to the church family and people in the community.  This includes visiting the housebound and those in care homes, and taking communion to those who are unable to attend services in church.  Contact Hollie or Paul if you would, or know someone else who would, appreciate a bit of tlc from our team.


Mary Trippett


Steve and Lucy Swanton


Anthony Dunnett


Ruth Dunnett

AdobeStock_67759745 woman_edited.jpg

Christine Bateup

Reverend Dr Paul Ratcliff

Rev Paul Ratcliff


I oversee the work of the team, and sometimes even contribute to it myself!


Vanessa Sharman

Mrs Hollie Butler

3rd Year Ordinand

Hollie Butler

Hollie coordinates the work of the team, arranges training, and contributes to the work of the team especially in our local care home.


Anne Stordy

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